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  1. An answer: The Real History in a New Book – ILHABELA AND THE TREASURE OF THE TRINITYThe Mystery that challenged generations! The TREASURE OF THE “TRINDADE” was protected for a long time by mysterious circumstances that hindered its location. So close and at the same time, so far from men, became legend and remained hidden in the darkness, waiting for a light to come at the right time. In the XXI century, a historical saga of nearly two hundred years continues to unfold in Island of Ilhabela, São Paulo, on the coast of Brazil. Their precursors, still unknown, traced the outlines of a great mystery that has puzzled archaeologists and researchers around the world. In 2010 a new character is involved in this epic quest to solve the riddle of the Treasure of the “Trinity”, but he didn't expect for the great challenges that he will would face, revealing each of his steps and the amazing results of their studies. Based on real events, the book “Ilhabela and the Treasure of the Trinity” is a rescue of historical facts that gave rise to one of the greatest enigmas of our time and triggered an extraordinary adventure in search of treasure. See more in:

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