Great Australian Stories is a best-selling series of popular history books by award-winning author, Graham Seal.

Each book is a well-researched, self-contained collection of pithy aspects of history and folklore, past and present, written to appeal to a wide range of readers

There are currently nine titles in the series.

All titles are also internationally available as e-books in your market territory (USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand)

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Seal is an accomplished storyteller – a raconteur who does not hesitate to colour his presentation with his personal opinion – right-wing readers beware. But the value of a book like this goes beyond providing the pleasure of reading good stories. It reminds the reader of important historic events and even knowledgeable well-read people may discover things about places that they did not know or find new ways to look at them.

Erich Meyer, Artshub
oz funnniest yarns


‘More than just a retelling of some of the most fascinating
yarns, Seal is interested in how folklore around the convicts
grew from the colourful tales of transportation and what
impact that had on how we see our convict heritage.’—Daily

‘With a cast of colourful characters from around the country—
the real Artful Dodger, intrepid bushrangers [ . . . ] Great
Convict Stories offers a fascinating insight into life in Australia’s
first decades.’—Sunraysia Daily

‘Readers familiar with Graham Seal’s work will know he finds
and writes ripper, fair-dinkum, true blue Aussie yarns. His
books are great reads and do a lot for ensuring cultural stories
are not lost. His new book, Great Australian Journeys, is no
exception.’—The Weekly Times

‘Epic tales of exploration, survival, tragedy, romance, mystery,
discovery and loss come together in this intriguing collection of
some of Australia’s most dramatic journeys from the 19th and
early 20th century.’—Vacations and Travel


‘. . . another collection of yarns, tall tales, bush legends and
colourful characters . . . from one of our master storytellers’—
Queensland Times



‘. . . allows you to feel as if you are there in the trenches with
them.’—The Weekly Times

‘They are pithy short pieces, absolutely ideal for reading when
you are pushed for time, but they are stories you will remember
for much longer than you would expect.’—Ballarat Courier


‘The pleasure of this book is in its ability to give a fair dinkum
insight into the richness of Australian story telling.’—The
Weekly Times

‘. . . a treasure trove of material from our nation’s historical
past’—Courier Mail

‘This book is a little island of Aussie culture—one to enjoy.’—
Sunshine Coast Sunday


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